The Ridge School is a day school serving high functioning autistic spectrum disorder students. This includes but not limited to students diagnosed with autism, Aspergers’, PDD, PDD-NOS, Tourette’s, language delays, learning disabled and other heath impairments. One might ask why these students are not being serviced by their home school? That is a very good question and at this point that is why this school exists. Most of the population currently being served at The Ridge School are students who have become school phobic and refuse to participate in traditional public school settings due to past experiences. Most of them have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. We prefer to use these terms rather than abilities and disabilities. Most of them are immature. They have poor communication and fine motor skills. They often do not understand why they should waste their time studying areas that are their weaker areas, but instead dive headlong into an area of strength that they enjoy. The fun of this, as an educator, is that each student has his or her own areas that they prefer. Since language and communication skills are a challenge, we often have a morning meeting where the goals of the day, week, and semester can be reiterated or redirected.