Educational Evaluation and Application:

  • An application is requested, filled out and returned.
  • An appointment is made with the Director for and educational evaluation.
  • An educational evaluation is performed to if The Ridge School is an
  • appropriate placement for your child. It determines if we can meet your
  • child’s academic, emotional and social needs.
  • The educational evaluation fee is $300.00; this includes one to one
  • educational evaluation and parent conference to discuss evaluation
  • results, and the child’s current academic placement.
  • The admission team will evaluate the educational evaluation along with the
  • application. Placement will be decided based on The Ridge School meetings your child’s needs.



  • Upon acceptance into The Ridge School you must fill out a registration form along with a non refundable registration fee. The registration will reserve your child’s place for the current or future academic year requested.
  • The non refundable registration fee is an additional $300.00