communicationAn integral part of the program of the Ridge School is a Pragmatic Language Program. One aspect of this consists of projects revolving around topics being taught. We have studied different author reports complete with portraits of the individual authors and scenery from their areas and time periods. We have studied alternative fuels complete with models of future fueling stations and possible vehicles of the future.

In the spring of 2006 the students built a tree house with a front porch. They made a model first with drawings then translated it to cutting the materials to fit the location. Many math assignments went into the angles of the roof lines and the bracing. This also helps students when considering professions they might be interested in.Another way to encourage communication skills is by field trips. This is a group of young students who would prefer to hide behind a computer monitor or game boy. By getting out to see the local historic areas, local museums, and local venues we have topics to discuss, look into the way people lived in our environment before we got here, and the types of things that are available for us to do around in our rich artistic and historic area. Various career topics also come out of these experiences are discussed.

Types of field trips--- Dutchess Community College Food Expo Try different foods and discuss career in the local and global arena.

Local Historic sites ----Roosevelt Mansion, Vanderbilt Home, Washington Irving's Home in Tarrytown, Mills Mansion in Staatsburg, Monroe Village, the Amistad display Kingston, N.Y., The Wolf Conservation Center, South Salem, N.Y.

Rocks and Minerals ----Sterling Hill Mine, Fluorescent Minerals in Franklin, N.J. Garnet Mining, Roxbury,Ct.

Walking and exercise – Adaptive Physical Education -- The Rock and Cave Gym, Albany, N.Y., Burger Hill, Rhinebeck, N.Y., Minnewaska State Park, New Paltz, N.Y., Nuclear Lake, Appalachian Trail, Pawling,N.Y., Bowling, Caving --- Howe Caves and Secret Caverns.