evaluationEvaluation and goal setting are an important part of any successful program. Each Ridge School student will be evaluated to assess academic ability, learning style, and functional ability, as well as identify developmental, health, social-emotional, and behavioral needs.

The Ridge School provides a Scaffolding Program approach to all student evaluations academically and emotionally. We take strengths to develop weaker areas using emotional strengths to develop weaknesses. As a student improves he/she move up emotionally, physically and academically. Each student is capable of attending an academic task for a longer period of time. Each student is more capable of handling himself in a group environment or knows when to pull to regroup without any stigmas attached.The Ridge School Team, which includes our program psychologist, teaching staff, and students parent(s), work together in the assessment process to determine the students areas of deficit that need to be improved, areas of competency that have already been achieved, and the students interests and talents that should be supported. This team will also work to set individual goals and customize the curriculum for the student and will meet regularly throughout the year to continually evaluate the student’s progress and make adjustments in the student’s IEP. To facilitate the ongoing evaluation process, all staff who works with the student will regularly submit examples of his/her work for the student’s portfolio. The Ridge School Team process also plays a role in our post secondary program. The Ridge School has a Bridge Program through a local community college. Students are always encouraged to participate in the team process to the maximum extent that is appropriate, with the goal for many students to be able to run their own IEP meeting all through high school.