Community Integration, Vocational, and Post-secondary Transition Program

communityStarting in middle school, post-secondary transition begins with regular field trips that get students out into the world exploring various options for careers. Students are evaluated for Drivers Education Programs based upon an occupation evaluation student is referred to the appropriate Drivers Education Program. Students are taught to use public transportation


Self-advocacy is dealt with on a daily individual basis as each child needs the skills to be self reliant self respect and be able to advocate for themselves. This can include and not limited to the use of a telephone, ordering and paying for a meal, dealing one on one with a teacher, defending ones view/position in a classroom context. It is the goal that these skills will carry into a workplace and daily living in the future.

Parent Support

An integral part of all Ridge School programs is our focus on supporting parents in their role in helping their children grow up to become happy independent adults. All parents whose children are enrolled in the Ridge School program will receive comprehensive support in the following ways:

Group support and professional training at parent support meetings.

Additional support in understanding their child’s IEP through their regular involvement in Ridge School Team meetings is also provided