Thematic Approach Education


Thematic Approach Education is taught at the Ridge School. A Thematic Approach is when you take a theme or project and incorporates reading skills, math skills, social studies, and science to teach a lesson that may last for several months resulting in reports for their portfolios and a display for an Open House to share with the educators, families, friends and invited guests. This is done on a quarterly basis a report card and parent conference will follow the end of each theme.

Past Open House themes where English Authors, Alternative Fuels, Lost Civilizations, designed build a tree house is featured on the front of the School’s brochure and American Authors.


Ridge School goal is to teach traditional mathematics courses. The Middle School population is learning daily math skills, measurement skills and the beginnings of algebra.


Science is available through local high schools and a Bridge Program with a local Community College is also available.

Language Arts/English

English and American authors are taught through the Thematic Approach to education. Period authors are used based on the theme of the quarter. With the conclusion of each thematic lesson each student is required to write a report on their topic

Social Studies

Social Studies is frequently taught on a daily basis through current events. This sparks a multitude of conversations which lead to of better understanding of global history and events and American history and events.